Ceremonial Cacao
  • Australian Ceremonial Cacao

    Origin of Cacao - Peru

    Blessed - in Australia

    Pack content -  5 x Hearts


    Vegan + Gluten Free



    Ceremonial Cacao

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    • The Message of this Cacao is LOVE + CONNECTION.


      Mother Cacao’s spirit guides you back into opening your heart, and guides you back into the vibration of love and magic.


      When we discovered ACC and started using Leena’s cacao, the energy and love was special. The story behind this brand as well as the ethical sourcing was what drew us in to align with sacred ceremony to add to your rituals as well as strong Aboriginal Spirits in this plant medicine.


      This high quality Cacao is intentionally blessed by beautiful Leena channeling messages and energies from both Mother Cacao & Aboriginal Spirits, and light language gridded to the frequency that the universe needs. It connects us to this part of the Earth in our divine country Australia - and to our hearts. 

      Ceremonial Grade Cacao is different to other cacao, as it has minimal tampering with the beans integrity.


      How to make your Cacao

      250mL hot water - OR -  
      175mL hot water and 75mL of your favourite milk

      1 - 2 cacao hearts (please start with 1 x heart to test tolerance]

      1 tablespoon coconut oil


      Blend in a heat safe blender for absolute decadence or whisk on stove top.

      Optional Extras:

      A pinch of salt, cinnamon, nutmeg or cayenne pepper

      Essential oils [food grade] Superfood powders, ie: Calcium/Mushroom


      For the Ceremony

      Set up a sacred space with your favourite ritual items, ie: candles, crystals, oracle cards, music.


      As you settle into your space, close your eyes and go within. Breathe into your heart space and intentionally welcome Mama Cacao into your heart. Set clear intentions so she knows how to work with you - please remember that she works with you - not for you.



      ‘Mama Cacao, I invite you to entwine with my spirit in ceremony and guided me in anyway you think I need. Help me __________”

      Awesome as small gifts, adding an extra ritual to TFH products and perfect if you have never tried Ceremonial Cacao before.I promise you will love this.