Cool Juice


Cool down and calming mists for Little Stars with big feelings.



Cool Juice

  • Cool down tension and calm the tantrums. Restoring happiness to your little stars nervous system by gentler bringing back peace by kickstarting a natural release of dopamine.

    Best for Little Stars over 24 months.


    All our ingredients are
    - non-toxic
    - non-irritating
    - non- sensitising

    And we don’t use any oils with nut/seeds or kernels.

    Our promise is to create and deliver clean and chemical free products, where we are transparent on what we have included.

    What you won’t find in our products: Silicones, chemical UV filters, parabens, PEGs, sulfates, GMOs, mineral oils, petroleum, palm oil, synthetic colours or fragrances.⁠

    What you will find is: Pure high quality ingredients, love and intention in every single hand crafted bottle for your precious Little Stars.⁠