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Good Vibes




Good Vibes

  • Play-time with or without a partner -- this personal pleasure massage oil  is the vibe. ⁠

    In the same way that a full body massage allows release of tension and stress, the same applies to self-massage. If we use self touch as a regular self-care routine, our Yoni and entire body become more receptive and full of sensation. Our Good Vibes also doubles up as a beautfiul body oil. Add a few drops to palms and get working on your body, or on your partner...


    Why is it so good?

    > Organic Almond oil moisturises and soothes sensitive skin. It is smooth and maintains lubrication qualities for a longer period than other oils.⁠

    > Organic Jojoba Oil is anti-bacterial, moisturising and lubricating oil that is closest to your skin’s natural oils. Naturally rich in vitamins A, D and E, anti-inflammatory and promotes skin suppleness.⁠

    > Organic Aloe Vera as a lubricant adds hydration and reduces skin irritation.⁠

    > Essential Oils: Rosemary, Cardamom, Cinnamon Leaf and Rose Bulgarian.⁠ [please note, essential oils are chosen very carefully and are at 5% strength of total mixture.⁠

    PS. A little goes a long way. ⁠ Enjoy yourself.

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