Squeaky Clean 50mL




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Made with 70% Plant based Alcohol

Squeaky Clean 50mL

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    For a Squeaky Clean and peace of mind, our plant based alcohol hand rub will disinfect your hands or any hard surface. The addition of (palm oil free) Glycerine and Aloe Vera gel will protect and hydrate your skin.


    Infused with essential oils. Lemongrass - a skin tonic that has cleansing and astringent properties, as well as helps reduce infections – and Palmarosa essential oils which have antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties, with the added benefits of stimulating skin rejuvenation, keeps skin soft, supple and hydrated.


    We have also added the magic of Obsidian liquid crystals for some extra protection power on a woo-woo level.


    50ml will provide you with approximately 400 fabulous spritzes.

    Please note, this is a liquid hand rub, it is potent and very effective.

    Drop it into your bag and use as required.


    Note: You may notice there are small particles floating in the solution, this is totally natural for a clean and plant-derived product with no synthetic fillers. Just give it a little shake every now again to redistribute the product. Be assured your Squeaky Clean is 100% sterile.

    Essential Oils of Lemongrass and Palmarosa both non-irritating and non-sensitising, but may still cause irritations to super sensitive skin.


    Our product contains 70% Alcohol which complies above WHO and CDC recommendations. Squeaky Clean is classed as 'General Consumer Product' (Cosmetics). The product has not been evaluated by TGA.