The Fourth House is the home of happiness and peace.
I have created a range of emotional wellness products that are infused with a combination of the healing powers of Moon light,
Crystal vibrations, Flower Essences, and 100% Pure Essential Oils.  

Each oil has its own physical healing benefit that is backed by science, and I believe that the emotional benefits are just as powerful.

Every ingredient is carefully and intuitively chosen. I create with love and call in the magick to elevate the high intentions of each unique blend that will support positive changes to your physical, emotional and spiritual world.

My wishes for you are that you find something that will connect you with the divine Universe, that will empower you on your path, assist with self healing, and watch your manifestations unfold. I have loved creating each product with the magickal and spiritual properties of each ingredient for you all.


I look forward to creating more healing combinations for your space, heart and soul. So let's stay connected.

Love + Moonlight, Hellen x⁠

 • The Fourth House •