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Mermaid Drops
  • MERMAID | 30mL



    I am magical, enchanting and I live in harmony. I experience a deep connection with the cosmic nature of the Earth. I ​​​​reconnect to the innate intelligence of my body to bring pure light and love.

    Mermaid Drops

    • Let your heart and soul explore the magic of the Cosmos. A protective, calming, sensual blend -  that awakens harmony and unconditional love.

      BODY: A beautiful blend of anti-aging carrier oils supports dehydrated skin by restoring elasticity, moisture and collagen production by healing and repairing skin cell growth. Your skin will be left silky smooth.

      BATH: Add 6-8 drops to warm water and elevate your bath ritual to Mermaid level.

      HAIR: Apply 1-2 drops in the palms of hands and run through ends of hair for beautiful shine and health. Tame frizz and work through your locks for natural mermaid waves, leaving you with beautifully scented and refreshed hair.

      This is a pure and luxurious liquid for all Cosmic goddesses. Made to layer with Starseed Elixir for extra cosmic magic.

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