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Palo Santo





I cleanse and infuse my sacred space with protection,

good vibes, love and light.

Palo Santo

  • Palo Santo is referred to as ‘Holy Wood’.

    This sacred healer attracts all the good vibes as well as offering grounded and clearing negative energy. The sweet scent carries your intentions to the Universe. Inhale and let it inspire your creativity. Bless yourself, your space and your crystals. 



    Single Palo Sticks are chunky

    3 x Pack Palo Santo Sticks are slightly thinner


    All still amazing despite their size/cut.


  • It's up to you and your intention that will bring power to any cleansing. Be present and clear with the process, and give thanks to nature's magic that we can heal ourselves and our space.⁠

    Light your Palo Santo stick and allow it to catch fire for it to burn for about 30 seconds. Gently blow it out. If needed, you can blow on the embers to keep the smoke going throughout your cleansing process.

    To smudge yourself, others or your crystals - gently swirl the smudge stick in circular motion from head to toe to cleanse the aura.

    To smudge your space, open all doors and windows and walk through the area with your Palo Santo. 

    When finished, place the Palo Santo stick in some sand. 

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