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Sagrado Smudge Wands
  • SAGRADO SMUDGE WANDS  |  Handcrafted


    Harvested botanicals from Mt Mee and sourced locally
    within the Glasshouse Mountains and Sunshine Coast in Australia.

    Sagrado Smudge Wands

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    • Sagrado Smudge Wands - these are not your average smudge wands. We engage Joanna to make these magical pieces for TFH. They have been created and cleansed under the loving Moon as well as the added fortified Reiki intention to each wand.

      Organic Mugwort + Wild Rosemary from Yandina — finished off with organic purple statice and rose petals and all bound in charcoal activated cotton with a silver bell. ⁠These are ready for you to reclaim your space.⁠

      Local mugwort is an excellent alternative to the sage imported from overseas, and it feels like a better choice for centering, clearing and grounding. It incorporates the spirit of our home soil,
      to bring clarity and helps you deepen your psychic abilities, it is next level magic for your spiritual hygiene with a subtle and sweet scent. ⁠

      ⁠Rosemary benefits include peace and helping you connect to your spiritual self. When it comes to the nervous system, rosemary is known to help reduce stress and improve concentration. Burning rosemary can also ward off bacteria and viruses, making it a great choice for purifying air - so a literal and spiritual cleanse. It's been used in rituals since ancient times, bringing courage, positive vibes and luck into sacred spaces. ⁠

      Your smudge wand will be intuitively chosen for you. Every wand comes with a blank handmade seeded card, for you write your magic word of intent, then plant the card and watch what grows. Seeded cards have marigold, tusli basil papaya seeds, and gingergrass [similar to lemongrass].

      Allow your mind to find calm, remove negative and stagnant energy, purify your space and aura — as well as drawing in serenity and passion for life and new beginnings. A beautiful gift and additional tool for self care rituals. 

      Each smudge wand has been crafted and lovingly bundled with botanicals in season at the time. No two wands are the same and your wand will not be as exactly pictured, but it will be beautiful.


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