Sagrado Smudge Wands



Harvested botanicals from Mt Mee and sourced locally
within the glasshouse mountains and Sunshine Coast in Australia.

Sagrado Smudge Wands

  • Sagrado Smudge Wands - these are not your average smudge wands. We engaged Sagrado Space to make these magical pieces for TFH. They have been created and cleansed under the loving Moon in , as well as the added fortified Reiki intention to each unique healing stone in each wand.


    Each smudge wand has been crafted and lovingly bundled with botanicals of roses, lavender, bay leaf, rosemary and organic white sage. No two wands are the same.


    You will find there is a healing stone with each wand. Your smudge wand will be intuitively chosen for you. Every wand comes with a blank strip of paper, for you write your own intentions, where you can put your intentions out to get it them to come back in.


    These divine smudge wands relieve stress, allows the mind to find calm, removes negative and stagnant energy, purifies your space and aura — as well as drawing in serenity and passion for life and new beginnings. A beautiful gift and additional tool for self care rituals.